Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funny Scottish Birthday Poems

Engineering on EUR / USD on 02.06.2011

Euro instrument.Ego really insidious deceit that technical analysis of millions of followers, opposed to seasoned corporate traders aimed to take your money. Euro Tool reversal and therefore difficult for intraday trading if you try to play position. Stop must be removed if he is placed "on the Elder" or other preachers of the TA. This is so lyrical digression after zaderga for feet at 10.30. What I am saying this to the fact that we have a starting balance for the coming week, which is broken up into aziatsoy session. And also there is very important from the point view of the prospects for further growth rate 1.4450. The tip of the "bell" formed after the rejection level of 1.4850. This is a level which converge in one place a month April POC-1.4460 and the middle of the range in April 1.4468. Above the zone begins rapid price movements. Usually such "coincidences" attracted the attention of large pozitsionschikov. The level is expected to be heavy with a lot of spreading room. Not the fact that it will be rejected and the market is necessarily grohnetsya at 1.3700. There are exactly two figures before the next important April barrier VAHM-1.4640, sovadayuschy with a hole in the bulk, which miraculously painted strike 1.4660 to call on the current contract. The idea is still in stock 3 trading day and 200 points.


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